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termite control2 Do You Want to Make Your House Prettier? Check this! (6)In these instances, an opening may need to be made in the wall to determine if the moisture is simply from some leak and if it is encouraging a termite infestation. Inspectors also will use a flashlight, probes, and powers of observation to determine the presence of an infestation. They will inspect inside the structure, outside the structure, beneath the structure if there is a pier-and-beam foundation, and in the attic. (more…)

termite 300x210 Do You Want to Make Your House Prettier? Check this! (5)One problem is that inspectors cannot report on what they cannot see, so their written determinations include exceptions to areas that are not accessible. In fact, about 80 percent of the wood in a typical house is hidden from view. (more…)

trmite Do You Want to Make Your House Prettier? Check this! (4)Termites use their jaws rather than their legs to move forward. Tests of termite barriers show that the creatures are unable to move particles larger than about 1 millimeter in diameter. As particle size increases, so does the size of the space between the particles. (more…)

Fortunately, the damage to my home was limited to something I was removing anyway, but, even so, the problem needed to be tackled before any renovation could be carried out. In this case, we had an L-shaped addition, covered with asphalt shingles as was common in the 1950s, coated instead with stucco, because the rest of the house was brick. We couldn’t afford brick and complete the rest of the renovations we wanted, so stucco was the compromise. (more…)