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These days, there are so many electronic devices that using LEDs technology. What is LED? LEDs (Light-emitting diodes) were actually an accidental discovery at 20th century, when electricity applied to the semiconductor Silicon Carbide (SiC) and produced a light. Because the light was too dim to be of any use, so the research was never distributed.  But that was the start. (more…)

Getting additional income without adding our working time is everybody’s dream. Thus, share trading has become very popular media to add extra money to our income. It doesn’t require our existence, our full time, but sometimes it can earn money more than our prime job. It is even easier without the share trading platform that can be accessed online, such as the one provided by CMC Markets. (more…)

Toilets are an essential part of our everyday lives. We believe that all of us tend to go to toilet very much do not think about it too much until we find that we desperately need a toilet and nothing can be found. Toilets that we are used to using are a relatively recent invention, and used to be only affordable by the wealthy people. (more…)