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Green color, often associated with plants or natural. These colors give the atmosphere of harmony, relaxation, can reduce stress, soothing, refreshing, and calming. The green color perfect for your bedroom.

Blue color, often associated with the color of the sea and the sky is calm and cool, bring peace, comfort, protection, harmony, giving birth to a feeling cool and peaceful. However, the use of blue color is too such to bring the impression of lethargy. Blue suitable for use in the bedroom. (more…)

Conscious or not, sometimes the choice of paint color reflects your character as a homeowner. All color choices in principle reflect a good thing, but if you’re curious what the paint color options with the “mood” or mood, following his review.

Color Red, describing a passionate energy, active, symbolizes strength, willpower, aggressive, competitive. Because of striking colors, excessive consumption of the entire room will give the impression of anger or ambitious. The red color you can apply in the foyer. (more…)