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saving money 300x225 Having Troubles in Planning Your Future?People’s needs nowadays have increased so much that they must have big enough income to cover all of the daily needs and overcome their money problems. Money problems will never stop happening in people life but there are many ways to solve them. The main way is by saving for your income and spending less money for fun when you still cannot fulfill the daily needs. (more…)

Do you know what will happen tomorrow? You can say “yes” or maybe you can say “no”. In fact no one knows what will happen tomorrow. So it doesn’t’ make any sense of what your answer is. We only guess or predict what will happen, but we do not know exactly. All of us want to be happy in the following day and wish there’s nothing bad happens in our lives, isn’t it true? (more…)

A better approach, of course, would be to analyze the condition of each window. Should it be repaired or replaced? If it should be repaired, shouldn’t you replace and reglaze the glass after stripping the paint from everything including the frame, then find a way to insulate the window frame for greater energy efficiency? (more…)

“Our friends and family thought we were crazy,” said Melissa, acknowledging that the job from start to finish swallowed up a couple of months of weekends and most evenings after work. “But once we were finished and they saw what we had done, they started asking us to install similar ceilings in their houses.” (more…)

Undeterred, Vic and Melissa, relatively new to do-it-yourself projects, examined all the options and decided that the metal ceiling was a job they could handle. They bought the materials and read and reread the detailed instructions until they thought they were ready. (more…)

Experience is a great teacher, but if you have no experience, the best way to get some is to plan carefully, learn as much as you can, swallow hard, and then take the leap.

Vic Gatmaitan and Melissa Rooney have a large, second-floor front room with bay windows. They thought it would make a perfect family room—something that older houses don’t typically have. They also thought that it needed something to set it apart from the other rooms of the house, and, after watching one or another home improvement TV show, decided on a metal ceiling. (more…)