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Of course, you don’t have to cover all of your walls at home because it will cost you a lot of money. However, in certain rooms at home, especially in the kitchen and in the bathroom, I really recommend you to use glass or mosaic tiles to cover the walls. Moreover, using tiles can help you decorating those rooms. (more…)

Cooking and baking are lovely and nice activities to do. Unfortunately some of us still think that cooking is a must because if they don’t cook they don’t have anything to eat. If your hobby is cooking or baking, you will cook or bake more often. Becoming a chef in your house makes you proud.  Cooking for your family will give you a lot of satisfactions. Of course you will spend more time in the kitchen. How to make us feel comfortable in cooking in the kitchen? (more…)

The kitchen is one element important room in the house to prepare a dish of a meal for the family. Sometimes, it looks not as important as function. The same look every day will make you bored. Tempted to change your kitchen so as not to dull? Here are four simple tricks that you can choose as you wish: (more…)

You can’t have everything you want in a house. Sometimes you have a bit of give and take, and that often translates into having a small kitchen. Not every living situation is ideal, especially in an apartment where the first spaces to suffer are the kitchen and bathroom. It’s important to realize that there are a variety of things you can do to make a kitchen look more spacious than it really is. This doesn’t bother everyone, but for those of use who like cooking, a small kitchen can be a bit of an eyesore. Here’s some simple steps you can take to really open up your kitchen space. (more…)

To give the impression of a room normally houses the voter puts a mirror. In fact, in addition to placing a mirror, there are other ways to do that is by treating the plan open space (open space).

In the kitchen or pantry with dining room for example, need not be a separator. This can be tricked by the use of the minibar.
- Anies Walsh


Kitchen is a place where the cooking process is held. Every house must have kitchen, either wet or dry kitchen. Wet kitchen means the kitchen is really used for cooking, from raw material to ready-to-eat food. Dry kitchen means the kitchen is only used to prepare simple food, such as for breakfast. (more…)