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home insurance 300x268 Insurance for Your HomeAt first, let’s say Merry Christmas to all of you! May joy and peace be with you! In order to feel peace and safe when you stay at home, you have to buy insurance for your home. Then, you can also feel save to leave your home when you have to go for several days/weeks for holidays icon smile Insurance for Your Home .  I realize that some of still think that buying insurance for home is quite expensive since we often think that it’s not important as life insurance. (more…)

Renovating house should be done regularly, but most of the homeowners don’t like it due to several reasons. First, it needs quite big budget, depends on the scope of the project. Second, it’s not easy to find qualified contractor with affordable price to manage the home project. In order to save the budget, you can manage the home project by your own. (more…)

Having a dream house is dream of everybody. You can spend your time at home by doing many activities. After getting up in the morning, most housewives go to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.  And in the evening is time for the whole family to spend time together. It can be done by having dinner together. (more…)

A better approach, of course, would be to analyze the condition of each window. Should it be repaired or replaced? If it should be repaired, shouldn’t you replace and reglaze the glass after stripping the paint from everything including the frame, then find a way to insulate the window frame for greater energy efficiency? (more…)

There are many malls, supermarkets, big stores nowadays that need to have tight security problems to avoid being theft. To monitor the situation throughout the store requires a lot of personnel keepers, but it is not efficient and it looks so crowded if there too many watchers around the places. It also costs much money to pay the security personnel. Besides, the customer will not feel comfortable to shop at our place when there’re too many people looking at every single movement they make. (more…)

“Our friends and family thought we were crazy,” said Melissa, acknowledging that the job from start to finish swallowed up a couple of months of weekends and most evenings after work. “But once we were finished and they saw what we had done, they started asking us to install similar ceilings in their houses.” (more…)