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vacation 2 300x156 Holiday to Las Vegas!

Going to the exciting places is dreamt by many people. They can enjoy something wonderful and spectacular. It is like going to Las Vegas on your holiday. Even though you don‚Äôt want to play in the casinos, you can enjoy many spectacular entertainments that make you cannot forget. Of course you can go with the entire family. All of you will enjoy the holiday. (more…)

united states 300x247 Lets Go to US this Holiday!For those who live outside US, have you imagine going to United States? Maybe it is like a dream for you. You have been watching a lot of Hollywood movies and TV serials and seeing the beauty of US. You want to visit Los Angeles then go to Santa Barbara, California directly. If you want your dream come true, you have to try your best. You have to save quite big amount of money to realize your dream. (more…)

If you often consider Africa as a tourist destination, I hope this article can open your horizons about vacationing in Africa. Of course we still remember the 2010 World Cup before, which for the first time held on the African continent. Precisely, in South Africa. Since then, South Africa has been growing very rapidly, not just in buildings, transportation, but also tourist attractions. (more…)