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The problem was that she didn’t know anyone there, and for that reason was a bit hesitant about going. Because Liz really wanted to do that particular course, her parents encouraged her to go to Melbourne and apply to live on campus there.

They told her that if she got into a college they would help out with the fees. Liz put enormous effort into doing her application for college, as she had decided that if she didn’t get in she wasn’t moving to Melbourne—she would be too lonely. (more…)

When selectors are reviewing applicants, there are a number of criteria that have to be met. Examples include the geographic isolation of an applicant (meaning how much you need the place), how good your academic record is, and how much you are going to be able to contribute to the college (for example, leadership skills). (more…)

Step 1—Get an application form

The first step is to decide on which university you are applying to, and then get an application form for the particular college that you want to get into. You need to do this as soon as possible in the year before you want to start university. College applications usually close at the end of October, long before you know whether you have made it into the course. (more…)


Just as in a share accommodation situation, there can be compatibility problems in college. At times you may feel as though you are living in each other’s pockets, especially if you are doing the same course as the people you live with. What if you get sick of being around those people 24/7? Different tastes, lifestyles, temperaments and opinions can all lead to major fights or disagreements. (more…)

Although there are heaps of advantages of living at college, you also have to be aware of the disadvantages. He expense One of the major disadvantages of living at college is the expense. Although you will probably get some government assistance, you or your parents will still have to make up a portion of the fees. (more…)

Studying is easier

Another major plus of living in college is that it helps you to study. Not only does it cut out transport hassles and give you more time in your day to spend on your uni work, but it also creates an environment that is beneficial to study. Some colleges provide in-house tutors or study skills help; not only that, but you are probably living with people doing the same course who might be able to give you a bit of help in areas you might be struggling with. (more…)