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betterbathrooms washstand Bathroom Furniture for a Beautiful Period HomeIf you’ve got a lovingly restored period home with beautiful traditional features then you’ve probably already found that, no matter how much you like the clean lines and ordered space that come with fitted bathroom furniture, you prefer these features in other people’s houses and not in your own. What you need is some bathroom furniture that looks at home in your house.

New doesn’t have to mean modern: bathroom furniture is available in a wide range of designs; striking, well crafted statement pieces with a traditional look are certainly not hard to find if you know where to look. (more…)

There are three main types of bathroom furniture. Stand alone, modular and fitted. Stand alone furniture is, by definition is for self-reliance, and not usually installed in a piece next to it. In fact, most free standing furniture, not a clean edge, it is often impossible to connect to the side of another piece, (more…)