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The Disadvantages Living In College Part (2)

Posted by admin at January 23, 2018


Just as in a share accommodation situation, there can be compatibility problems in college. At times you may feel as though you are living in each other’s pockets, especially if you are doing the same course as the people you live with. What if you get sick of being around those people 24/7? Different tastes, lifestyles, temperaments and opinions can all lead to major fights or disagreements. (more…)

The Disadvantages Living In College

Posted by admin at January 19, 2018

Although there are heaps of advantages of living at college, you also have to be aware of the disadvantages. He expense One of the major disadvantages of living at college is the expense. Although you will probably get some government assistance, you or your parents will still have to make up a portion of the fees. (more…)

Tips for Beautifying Your Home

Posted by admin at January 19, 2018

By: Erik Braunitzer of Douglas Elliman Real Estate Company, agents for NYC Apartments.

Maintaining the exterior and interior of your home so that it looks pretty doesn’t take a degree in interior design, or even a lot of technical skill. You can begin to beautify your living space with a few simple tricks. The first impression of a home is usually made by the appearance of the front yard. If you have clutter on the porch or in the front yard, be sure to clean it up. Make the entrance to your home as clean and inviting as possible. If you have grass, keep it clipped. Make sure that your landscape is trimmed and neat. Add some potted brightly colored flowers to the front entrance, and put down a welcome mat by the front door. (more…)

Choosing which vertical blinds to add to your newly decorated room or home can be a difficult task. With so much choice available and a whole range of prices, it is hard to determine whether the blinds are of a high quality.

It is important to carefully decide on a budget and a realistic expectation. For example, cheaper alternatives to vertical blinds tend to be made from really low quality material that can cause all sorts of problems and inconveniences around the home. If the blind is made from fabric and was relatively inexpensive, it is more than likely made from a thin fabric that will allow for light to pass through. This can be of extreme inconvenience for those who have fitted the blinds in a bedroom; an area that requires low level lighting. (more…)

Food for Living

Posted by admin at January 19, 2018

There are many kinds of daily human’s needs. The increase of the number of population causes the higher number of consumptions in which their needs should be able to be fulfilled by the farming and industries. The examples of daily needs are rice, vegetables, fruit, meat etc that have to be provided in a quite big amount to fulfill all human beings’ needs. (more…)

The Advantages Living In College Part (2)

Posted by admin at January 15, 2018

Studying is easier

Another major plus of living in college is that it helps you to study. Not only does it cut out transport hassles and give you more time in your day to spend on your uni work, but it also creates an environment that is beneficial to study. Some colleges provide in-house tutors or study skills help; not only that, but you are probably living with people doing the same course who might be able to give you a bit of help in areas you might be struggling with. (more…)