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I Love My Garden

Posted by admin at February 1, 2018

loveHeart 300x245 I Love My Garden

Who don’t love having their own garden, especially women? Almost of us want to have our own gardens so we could express ourselves and plant the trees and flowers that we want. Some of us also love to design that will be resulted by the plants.

I’ve read a very amazing story about gardening in one of the Chicken Soup books, the husband spend a whole day in the garden planted the flowers in new designs. The wife, who was getting older and couldn’t help in the garden anymore, wasn’t patient waiting the husband to finish the gardening. It already took more hours than the ordinary. She also didn’t like the way her husband plant the flowers. (more…)

When selectors are reviewing applicants, there are a number of criteria that have to be met. Examples include the geographic isolation of an applicant (meaning how much you need the place), how good your academic record is, and how much you are going to be able to contribute to the college (for example, leadership skills). (more…)

The Application Process Living In College

Posted by admin at January 27, 2018

Step 1—Get an application form

The first step is to decide on which university you are applying to, and then get an application form for the particular college that you want to get into. You need to do this as soon as possible in the year before you want to start university. College applications usually close at the end of October, long before you know whether you have made it into the course. (more…)

Holiday to Las Vegas!

Posted by admin at January 26, 2018

vacation 2 300x156 Holiday to Las Vegas!

Going to the exciting places is dreamt by many people. They can enjoy something wonderful and spectacular. It is like going to Las Vegas on your holiday. Even though you don’t want to play in the casinos, you can enjoy many spectacular entertainments that make you cannot forget. Of course you can go with the entire family. All of you will enjoy the holiday. (more…)

Home Sweet Home for the Whole Family Members

Posted by admin at January 26, 2018

Make your home as the most comfortable place is a must because we spend most of our time at home. For families with children, it’s very important to decorate home as a comfortable place for children to play, study, relaxes, have fun, etc. Having a house have to be furnished and decorated so nice that the entire family will enjoy. There are many ways to make your home the nicest place to live in. (more…)

Tips on Keeping Important Data

Posted by admin at January 26, 2018

Nobody wants to lose their data in their computer. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a businessman, a student, or just a housewife that spends most of your time at home. It is a big disaster to lose the important data. How to make the lost data back? Of course it cannot be back again. Losing important data can make people become crazy in finding the way to return it, become emotional in facing their lives until they realize that they should have prevent it previously. (more…)