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History of Toilets

Posted by prince at December 3, 2010 in toilet

Toilets are an essential part of our everyday lives. We believe that all of us tend to go to toilet very much do not think about it too much until we find that we desperately need a toilet and nothing can be found. Toilets that we are used to using are a relatively recent invention, and used to be only affordable by the wealthy people.

The evolution of the toilet is still in progress with technological advances including automatic flushing controlled by sensors and economy settings to allow less water to be used when the toilet fills up. The issue of hygiene is a constant one and, along with all the different types of toilet cleaners and fragranced deodorizers there are even public toilets that clean themselves after each visit.

Before this invention, all toilets were separated from the main house in small outhouses. The water supply that these outhouses were connected to was totally detached from the ones used inside the house.

Nowadays, toilets in outhouses began in a very basic fashion; toilets were usually made from ceramic and were emptied by servants. As these pots became a more accepted method of going to the toilet there were fewer places to empty them, especially in towns and cities, and people would throw the contents out of their windows onto the streets.

We believe that all of us really thankful for the invention of toilets, so we don’t have to worry being thrown over our heads as we walked along the street.

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