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Food for Living

Posted by admin at January 19, 2018 in kitchen

There are many kinds of daily human’s needs. The increase of the number of population causes the higher number of consumptions in which their needs should be able to be fulfilled by the farming and industries. The examples of daily needs are rice, vegetables, fruit, meat etc that have to be provided in a quite big amount to fulfill all human beings’ needs.

People get rice, vegetables, fruits, meat etc from the traditional market, supermarket, fruit shop, groceries, butcher, and many more. Beforehand the rice, vegetables, fruit come from the farm or from the farmer who plant vegetables and fruits for selling. Meat comes from the farm. Farmers using cattle scales when they weigh their livestock to know how weight the livestock is. After the slaughtered of the livestock, the meat is sold in the butcher, traditional market, supermarket, etc.

Today people really lucky because everything is provide in the places. They just buy them and bring it home. Then they can cook what they want to eat. They can keep the fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator, so they can keep fresh for days in the refrigerator. Restaurants and hotel do the same things. They keep meat in the freezer. They take the meat when they want to cook it.

Farmers hold the most important role in providing all the daily needs. We have to appreciate what they have done. What they have done really useful for all people. But sometimes we don’t realize that those entire things are because of hard work of farmers.

After knowing that all daily needs which are can be easily buy in market, we have to thanks to farmers who have done it. If there are no farmers, there will be no milk, no cheese, no meat, and no eggs – can you imagine your life without that kind of foods? For me, I can’t icon smile Food for Living

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