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Decorating Your Wooden Interior Shutters for Christmas

Posted by admin at December 21, 2017 in Interior Design

Let’s do something special for this Christmas. To welcome Christmas, we usually decorate our home with green and red theme, right? We also put Christmas tree in a corner in living room that is decorated together with our children. The accessories used to decorate Christmas tree are similar from year to year. In order to give more Christmas taste to your home, you can also decorate shutters at your home. Is this idea unfamiliar with you? Let’s try it together! icon smile Decorating Your Wooden Interior Shutters for Christmas

However, before you start decorating your shutter, check the condition whether it’s good or not. I bet that you never change your shutters for years although there are a lot of benefits you can take from it. During summer and spring, you can have a good air circulation through it. While on winter, you can include it as part of your home decoration to welcome Christmas.

Hanging Wreath and/or Bell Wall on it

Hanging wreath on your shutters can help in giving the Christmas atmosphere at your phone. You can choose funny and cute wreath or bell to be put on the shutters. Involve your children in buying their favorite Christmas wreath or bell. You can also choose the wreath with Santa’s inside the circle, like shown in the picture below:

Painting the Shutters using Christmas Colors

What’s your shutters’ color? To make it match with your home theme, you can re-paint it using the Christmas colors, especially red and green. If you love painting and drawing, you can also draw Christmas ornaments on it. As usual, ask the whole family members to join decorating the home. If you can’t draw, don’t worry, you can put Christmas stickers to add Christmas atmosphere on it.

Here is my last tips for you: living room should be the main focus in decorating the house for Christmas since it’ll be the place where you receive guests and gather together. After you finish decorating your living room, you can start decorating other rooms.

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