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What are you afraid so you keep postponing renovating your home or office? Some of you afraid that there will be bad smell several days or weeks after the renovation finishes so the building can’t be used directly. In fact, there are many reasons why people decide to postpone renovating the building until something is broken and they’re being forced to pay much money to repair it soon.

On the other hand, we realize the importance of renovating our home regularly to keep the home safety. For those who have enough budgets to renovate home regularly, we really suggest you to do that. For those of you who have problems with the renovation budget, you can start collecting your money from your monthly salary regularly, around 5% per month. After 5 to 7 years, we believe that you’ll have enough budgets to renovate your home . (more…)

Do you plan to renovate home but have limited budget? If you do, you should only concern on major things to renovate to optimize your home functionality back to its best performance. For example, you want to decorate your 12 year children room using the Disney theme. You should think that whether you children will change it within the next 2 or 3 years since they have become teenagers. I bet that they don’t really love their home to be decorated using Disney things anymore. (more…)

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What do you use to decorate your home? Do you use other people’s ideas to decorate your home? It’s good rather than letting your home as it is because it gives the home feels to the family members. However, when you decide to follow an example from any magazine or book or friend, have you ever considered whether that home theme is suitable for you or not? Or, did you just feel that the home theme is beautiful and you want to follow it? (more…)

By: Erik Braunitzer of Douglas Elliman Real Estate Company, agents for NYC Apartments.

Maintaining the exterior and interior of your home so that it looks pretty doesn’t take a degree in interior design, or even a lot of technical skill. You can begin to beautify your living space with a few simple tricks. The first impression of a home is usually made by the appearance of the front yard. If you have clutter on the porch or in the front yard, be sure to clean it up. Make the entrance to your home as clean and inviting as possible. If you have grass, keep it clipped. Make sure that your landscape is trimmed and neat. Add some potted brightly colored flowers to the front entrance, and put down a welcome mat by the front door. (more…)

Choosing which vertical blinds to add to your newly decorated room or home can be a difficult task. With so much choice available and a whole range of prices, it is hard to determine whether the blinds are of a high quality.

It is important to carefully decide on a budget and a realistic expectation. For example, cheaper alternatives to vertical blinds tend to be made from really low quality material that can cause all sorts of problems and inconveniences around the home. If the blind is made from fabric and was relatively inexpensive, it is more than likely made from a thin fabric that will allow for light to pass through. This can be of extreme inconvenience for those who have fitted the blinds in a bedroom; an area that requires low level lighting. (more…)

Since the nursery is the place where your new child will spend quite a lot of his or her time, you want to make it into a comforting and attractive place. This will help your child to enjoy being there, meaning that he or she will be happier on the whole. You also need to decorate the room with things that serve a function, however, and not just things that look good. Fortunately, you can do both of these things at once if you decide to hang children’s Roman blinds in the nursery.  (more…)