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The kitchen is open or the open kitchen usually found in restaurants or cafes. Why not try to apply these ideas at home?

Later, many restaurants and cafes in Indonesia using the concept of open kitchen. This concept seems to be able to attract more consumers. With an open kitchen concept like this, any activity in it, can be seen by customers. Start of activities to prepare the material, to process them into food. (more…)

4. Material Options

Stainless-steel is the most popular material because it is durable, easy maintenance, economical, and suitable for a variety of interior styles. The drawback, noisy when used, can be scratched even though vague, and the sprinkling of water will imprint if not cleaned immediately. (more…)

cleaning house 300x300 Get Problems in Cleaning Carpet?Nowadays, people tend to use carpet rather than ceramic in buildings and houses due to several reasons. You are might be the member of the group, but now, after one or two years, you want to clean the carpet but don’t know how to do that. It’s not like floor from ceramic that can be cleaned easily: we only need to sweep and mop it. (more…)

Continued from the last article about 6 tricks organizing the tiny house:

3. Security aspects

In addition to health, safety must also be considered, especially if you have children who are still in its infancy. Call, for example, avoiding the use of furniture with a tip or sharp corners, checking, and provide safeguards for electrical terminals or cables.

4. Aspects of comfort

Convenience is also noteworthy in arranging your home interior small. Do not be tempted to buy furniture at bargain prices, but not comfortable giving effect to the body. Convenience also means convenient for residents to move freely so that the proper selection of furniture that can realize this aspect, such as furniture that attaches to the wall (build in).

5. Environmentally friendly aspects

Before realizing this aspect in the environment outside the home, first thing you should realize that inside the house. For example, you make a small house that get enough light, get fresh air circulation, putting plants in space, not humid, and not stuffy.

6. Aspects of beauty

Five aspects mentioned above should also be coupled with the beauty aspect. This aspect is needed so that in addition to comfort, the house is also lovely to see so that the occupants comfortable to linger in the house. This can be done by treating the walls of the house, not only with the use of paint, but can also be combined with wallpaper or shelves.

To give the impression of a room normally houses the voter puts a mirror. In fact, in addition to placing a mirror, there are other ways to do that is by treating the plan open space (open space).

In the kitchen or pantry with dining room for example, need not be a separator. This can be tricked by the use of the minibar.
- Anies Walsh


Kitchen is a place where the cooking process is held. Every house must have kitchen, either wet or dry kitchen. Wet kitchen means the kitchen is really used for cooking, from raw material to ready-to-eat food. Dry kitchen means the kitchen is only used to prepare simple food, such as for breakfast. (more…)