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Kitchen is a place where the cooking process is held. Every house must have kitchen, either wet or dry kitchen. Wet kitchen means the kitchen is really used for cooking, from raw material to ready-to-eat food. Dry kitchen means the kitchen is only used to prepare simple food, such as for breakfast. (more…)

candle 150x150 Candles for Home Decoration – Why not?This time we often think to include candles in our home decoration, but we also think that it’ll be hard to let the burning candle all of the time. We think about the home safety for fire. Also, we cannot make sure that no one will not nudge the candle, especially children. Because the candles can be burned at the end, we have to consider the cost for buying the candles from time to time. (more…)

If you often consider Africa as a tourist destination, I hope this article can open your horizons about vacationing in Africa. Of course we still remember the 2010 World Cup before, which for the first time held on the African continent. Precisely, in South Africa. Since then, South Africa has been growing very rapidly, not just in buildings, transportation, but also tourist attractions. (more…)

In today’s life, we often see our beloved young generations trapped in drug addictions. We should help them to quit from their bad habits because drug addiction will also endanger your brain in the future. As the number of these cases growing fast, we can find many different types of rehabilitation centers in around the country. (more…)

It happens now, that you have to follow an IQ test when you want to go to a new school or if you want to apply for a job. Do you know what IQ is? (more…)

When the kids getting bigger and they want something that they can take care of as the proof they can be responsible and play with. And most of them go for a pet. Sometimes parents don’t have any other option except to give what the kids want. But as the parents will only give the best for their kids, here are 10 tips you should follow when choosing a pet for your child. (more…)