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Be Confidence in Remodelling Home (2)

Posted by admin at September 21, 2017 in Bestfriend | Home Improvement | Interior Design | Remodelling | repair home

Undeterred, Vic and Melissa, relatively new to do-it-yourself projects, examined all the options and decided that the metal ceiling was a job they could handle. They bought the materials and read and reread the detailed instructions until they thought they were ready.

They borrowed tools from neighbors to cut the plywood that had to go on the ceiling before the ceiling plates, affixed to the plywood with tiny aluminum nails, could be installed.

Standing on stepladders, they found the center of the ceiling and snapped chalk lines so that all the plates that needed to be cut to fit were at the edges of the ceiling where the cuts could be hidden by metal trim.

Because they had decided not to paint the ceiling, cutting the trim to fit seamlessly was critical, because errors could not be hidden with oil-based caulk. (Latex caulk and paint rust metal.) This was a huge challenge for Melissa, because even wood trim is not that easy to cut and fit if you’ve never done it before, and I’ve known many carpenters who rely heavily on caulk and wood filler.

Her solution was to build a miter box of her own design and use a borrowed reciprocating saw—typically used to demolish rather than build—to cut the trim to fit. Her solution was perfect.

It was based on the experience that she and Vic had gained in the earlier stages of the project and her growing confidence in her abilities.

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