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Bathroom Furniture for a Beautiful Period Home

Posted by admin at August 1, 2017 in Bathroom | Furniture

betterbathrooms washstand Bathroom Furniture for a Beautiful Period HomeIf you’ve got a lovingly restored period home with beautiful traditional features then you’ve probably already found that, no matter how much you like the clean lines and ordered space that come with fitted bathroom furniture, you prefer these features in other people’s houses and not in your own. What you need is some bathroom furniture that looks at home in your house.

New doesn’t have to mean modern: bathroom furniture is available in a wide range of designs; striking, well crafted statement pieces with a traditional look are certainly not hard to find if you know where to look.

If a genuinely aged or ‘shabby chic’ look is what appeals to you, try second hand stalls, car boot sales, auction rooms, antique markets… Your bathroom furniture doesn’t have to be purpose made, it just has to catch your eye, appeal to your senses, and be something you can work with. Customising your own second hand furniture is a good way both to bring an aged look to your bathroom and make the room totally unique, in one fell swoop.

Try taking an antique table and fitting a granite work surface. You’ll need a professional to cut to size your piece of granite and to drill waste and tap holes, but you can then add your choice of basin – maybe hammered copper or cast stone – and tap. Use stackable wicker baskets in place of integrated bathroom furniture storage space, and you’ve got a gorgeous home-styled washstand crafted from second hand materials which will attract many an admiring gaze.

If your tastes are traditional but you prefer purpose built bathroom furniture that won’t give you any problems or require pre-installation work, buying from new seems wise. Newly made bathroom furniture crafted from natural materials in a traditional style will give you the style you crave with maximum functionality and minimal effort.

Take a look at console washstand designs. Made yesterday, but looking as if they hail from the Victorian era, these elegant, wall-fitted designs combine a traditional porcelain basin with slender, artfully curved metal legs. Or try a solid oak vanity unit with marble top and ornate drawer handles: simple and beautiful, it will look great fitted with a vessel basin and brass tap. If you can’t find a bathroom tap that’s right for your piece of bathroom furniture, try looking in kitchen showrooms instead where taps are more commonly available in an antique brass finish: if your bathroom furniture is suitably large, a kitchen tap won’t look out of place.

If you’re hoping to save a little cash (and let’s face it, who isn’t?), try shopping online with suppliers such as Better Bathrooms. There will be a range of bathroom furniture to choose from, so you can create a harmonious style or pick a few different cabinets for a dash of mismatched flair.

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