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They decided that their offer would be $26,900 under the list price, which was a considerable reduction, but considering these statistics they felt it was worth a try. Another factor influencing their offer was that when Andrea called the listing agent, she found out the seller’s new home would be finished in about six weeks. (more…)

Tips on Moving House

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Moving to a new house need extra time and energy to do it. There are many things to do. Do you intend to move to a new house or do you want to move your things safely without any scratches? Of course, the answer is yes! Unfortunately, many of us still don’t know the tips and tricks on moving house so we let the moving company do all things and we can only accepts if there’s any scratches on our belongings. (more…)

With a preapproval letter for $330,000 in hand, Russ and Linda scheduled a meeting with their agent to start the house-hunting process. Their agent used the MLS to print a list of twenty-seven homes in areas of interest priced between $320,000 and $360,000.

Because the housing market was slow, they felt it was reasonable to believe they would be able to discount up to $30,000 off the list price of a home. Going over the list with their agent, they quickly eliminated sixteen homes. (more…)

Covering your walls with tiles can make your home way nicer. Of course, you don’t have to cover all of your walls at home because you are going to spend a lot of money then. However, in certain rooms at home, especially in the kitchen and in the bathroom, I really recommend you to use glass or mosaic tiles to cover the walls. Moreover, using tiles can help you decorating those rooms. (more…)

home insurance 300x268 Insurance for Your HomeAt first, let’s say Merry Christmas to all of you! May joy and peace be with you! In order to feel peace and safe when you stay at home, you have to buy insurance for your home. Then, you can also feel save to leave your home when you have to go for several days/weeks for holidays icon smile Insurance for Your Home .  I realize that some of still think that buying insurance for home is quite expensive since we often think that it’s not important as life insurance. (more…)

Let me add a note of caution on the MLS’s days-on-market statistic. A home that’s been on the market for two or three months doesn’t mean that it’s been sitting there with no action. Failed sales owing to a buyer’s not qualifying, a questionable inspection result, poor appraisal, and so on can add to the days-on-market odometer. (more…)