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10 Tips: Choosing a Pet for Your Child

Posted by aswin at December 15, 2010 in Children | Family | Pets

When the kids getting bigger and they want something that they can take care of as the proof they can be responsible and play with. And most of them go for a pet. Sometimes parents don’t have any other option except to give what the kids want. But as the parents will only give the best for their kids, here are 10 tips you should follow when choosing a pet for your child.

1.       Do not buy a pet from disreputable dealers who keep large numbers of animals caged together waiting to be sold.

2.       Always check the facilities where the animal was kept while waiting to be sold. If the conditions there are bad, then likely the condition and the care of the animal prior to sale was likely bad also.

3.       Find out what care has been provided to the animals, by a licensed Veterinarian, prior to being sold.

4.       Read whatever tips you can find about the type of pet you are purchasing for your child. You should know any diseases that type of pet is known to be susceptible to. You should know all about the proper shelter, food, and care your child’s pet will require. Reading up on this prior to purchase is a good idea, so you will know what you are getting into.

5.       Clean your pet’s shelter and make sure all feces are removed daily.

6.       Make sure you have a qualified Veterinarian examine the pet before you hand it over to your child.

7.       Bathe your child’s pet regularly. Keep in mind your child will be in constant contact with their pet. Whatever the pet gets into, your child gets into.

8.       Make sure your children get into the habit of washing their hands every time they handle their pet.

9.       Stay current with all vaccinations and checkups your Veterinarian recommends. If your pet seems ill, keep your child away from them until you can get them to a Veterinarian.

10.   Teach your child how to handle your pet to avoid having it injure your child. Make sure they know not to squeeze it too tightly, pull on its extremities, agitate it, or tease it unnecessarily.

But, specific types of pets have different rules you need to be aware of about handling and caring for them. But also you should include your child in the learning process where possible so they understand why those rules are necessary. Read up on the pet you are bringing into your home and spend time discussing your questions and concerns with your veterinarian.

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